Maria Montessori Foundation is an institution of learning where the totality of life is explored and experienced. The students not only acquire knowledge and develop their skills but also clarify and define their value systems and provide venues for creative expansion of their interests. Education is a continuous effort to make the learner aware of his potentials to become what he can be, cognizant of his powers to change, to create and to mold his own personhood through all the learning experiences that he can encounter. Education at Maria Montessori Foundation is characterized by a respect for man as he develops to fulfill his cosmic task and achieve his fullest potential. The school cultivates a sound, positive nationalism in upholding universal ideas and the best in the heritage of the Filipino people.


Man is, by nature, a rational and free being.  He feels a natural impulse to develop himself and has the innate potential and responsibility to do so.  Man is also a member of society and is responsible for the people in it and the environment he lives in. Read more.


The success of any given undertaking is based on the value attached to it by its proponents and supporters.  On this premise, life at Maria Montessori Foundation will flourish only when everyone involved –students, parents, teachers, and staff – collaborates to achieve its goals. Read more.


“Scientific observation then has established that education is not what the teacher gives; education is a natural process spontaneously carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words but by experiences upon the environment.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori, Education for a New World

AMI Certified Teachers

Children’s House (3-6)

Sonia Stephanie Alcantara-Peralta
AMI Manila (2003)

Mabel Micu-Sajonas
AMI Manila (2003)

Maria Joanna Patawaran-Valencia
AMI Manila (2003)

Jo Hanna Cortez (Candidate)


Judith M. Pitero
Fondazione Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani
Bergamo, Italy (1990)

In-house Consultant
Stella Alcantara
Fondazione Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani
Bergamo, Italy


Rosemarie O. Rosales
Montessori Institute of Milwaukee
Milwaukee, USA (2013)

Isabel Manalang
Fondazione Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani
Bergamo, Italy (2015)

Oscar  Mendoza, Jr.
Fondazione Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani
Bergamo, Italy (2017)

Daphney Reyes
Montessori Northwest
Portland, Oregon (2018)

Christelle Francisco (Candidate)
Montessori Northwest
Portland, Oregon