Man is, by nature, a rational and free being. He feels a natural impulse to develop himself and has the innate potential and responsibility to do so. Man is also a member of society and is responsible for the people in it and the environment he lives in.

Therefore, an educational system must help man think and think rationally. It must develop man’s faculty for intelligence, imagination, memory and will. The educational system rests on the principle that the child has the ability to learn on his own. The educational system should provide the necessary environment to aid the child in developing himself. The teachers and the environment should, therefore, move toward this self-development.

We believe in man’s importance to the universe, and that given his time and space, man will develop according to the natural laws of the universe. At the Maria Montessori Foundation, we believe that

1. The child forms himself in a prepared environment determined by the sensitive periods in each plane of development.
2. The child forms himself holistically.
3. The child forms himself as a citizen of the world and, as such, accomplishes his cosmic task.