The High School



The High School Program

  • offers a college preparatory curriculum geared towards academic excellence and preparation for life
  • consists of two cycles: junior high school for ages 12 to 16 (grade seven to grade ten) and senior high school for ages 16 to 18 (grade eleven and grade twelve)
  • commits to seven goals of MMF: cultural, intellectual, moral, physical, psychological/emotional, social, and spiritual
  • cultivates discipline and critical thinking through intellectual and manual work
  • adheres to Maria Montessori’s philosophy and principles


  • prescribed by the Department of Education
  • new curriculum of enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program for incoming junior high school students in SY 2012-2013

*   academic requirements fulfilled in curricular subjects:

              Communication Arts in English and Filipino

              Natural and Physical Sciences


              Social Studies

              Technology and Home Economics

              Cultural Arts

              Values Education

  • enhanced scholastic discipline through intellectual pursuits as investigative research projects and historical and descriptive research papers
  • student-centered practical life experiences for life-long learning


  • averaging system of grading
  • periodical assessment of subject contents and student’s abilities and skills
  • performance rating based on three areas:  achievement, effort, and conduct
  • midquarter reports on academic performance in the different subjects

Other  Features

  • extension programs as supervised tutorial sessions for students to complete tasks or cope with certain subject requirements, added language sessions for English and/or Filipino, review classes for College Entrance Tests.
  • co-curricular activities as educational field trips, career guidance, apprenticeship, scouting, social outreach program, ecological action program, consumers cooperative
  • extra-curricular activities as clubs, leadership seminars and conferences in and out of MMF, academic competitions, community service
  • regular religious formation as Catholic catechism, moral values education, Bible study

Expected  Graduate

  • is equipped with scholarly attitude and needed knowledge and skills for higher schooling locally and internationally
  • is adequately prepared for the realities of the existing society
  • taps his creativity and powers to the fullest as productive members of society
  • helps build a harmonious and peaceful community with others